Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Precision Text Placement on an Underwood

So, while getting going on my new calling cards, I needed to be able to do pretty precise placement of type, using the Underwood.  It's not that tricky, but it's been a while, and the IBM Selectric I last used, had a pretty obvious reticule for this purpose.  So, here's a picture of where the Underwood will place a character ... which you can figure out with a couple sheets of paper and a pen, but it's nice to know someone else got the same results.

Also, it's not easy to keep a calling card level, when you're just kinda stuffing it in there and trying to type on it.  I winged it, and two out of the first nine cards are passable.  But next I'm gonna try using graph paper behind it, to keep things lined up.  Happily, there's a site that'll make custom graph paper, in a downloadable PDF, to your specs.  The site's an ad-laden mine-field, but the app itself is perfect.  Is graph paper retro now, too?

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