Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why Sysadmins dig Motorcycles

I've noticed that the clever sysadmins I'm friends with all seem to groove on motorcycles.  Even if they don't have one themselves, they think that in general they're pretty keen.  Why is that?

Well, you can replace the stock parts with all sorts of other parts -- just make sure you screw everything back on nice and snug!  And a particularly kewl arrangement of parts always leads others to comment "nice hack," or "nice bike."  Some folks shoot for the aesthetic, and other folks go for something that "just works," but either one seems to garner a little praise in its own category.  So there's that parallel.

Also, we're both always looking ahead for hazards .. almost pathalogically.  This is likely because no one sees you until the very last moment before they mess your stuff up.  You've got everything very nicely balanced, thanks, as long as you know ahead of time where the bumps are, and when you're going to have to turn.  In fact, we probably both swear in similar ways when something unexpected pops up in front of us.  That's a clear similarity.

Now the only thing we're missing is the "biker wave."  Which is a shame.  Or do I just not know what the "sysadmin wave" looks like?

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