Monday, August 23, 2010

Color me Kindlerlined

UPDATE: I've upgraded to a Kindle Fire.  The ability to automatically tweet the notes I take in books is either not available, or it's hidden.  Plenty of new and exciting social tie-ins, but nothing as simple as the old behavior.  The below-mentioned feed of tweets is now dormant.  (20120331)

Amazon recently added the ability to tweet the things you underline in your kindle.  So I set mine up.

And then I was thinking about my friend Andrew's flash app, where you tell it a keyword and it finds recent tweets that contain the keyword -- but then you tell it more sub-keywords and it colors the tweets in the original search if they include the sub-keywords.

Well, the amazon kindle tweets are easy to spot, because they all contain "" in 'em.  So here's what happens if you use Andrew's flash app to find all the kindle-posted tweets, and then run some sub-keyword coloring on it.

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