Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brownie Hawkeye with Tri-X on 620 Spool

I finally got to shoot one of the "real" 620 rolls, which come with Kodak Tri-X 400 loaded.  Justkristin's mom took half the roll, and I took the other half.  It turns out the "real" rolls are made out of plastic, not metal like the originals.  After the roll was done, I unspooled it and rewound it back onto a 120 spindle .. just to make sure I wouldn't lose my fancy metal one.

The Tri-X film seems to be subtly different from the XP2.  I'm not sure exactly how.  But I need to shoot another roll and see if I prefer the Tri-X to the Ilford.  Unfortunately, my lab sends out the Tri-X for processing, so I have to be extra careful about asking them not to cut the negatives and stuff.  I kinda lean back towards preferring the (C-41) Ilford XP2 because the local lab knows me.  Either way, fun experiments ahead!

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