Thursday, May 1, 2014

Polyglot Shoe Money

I run in so many interesting cities now, and my intended routes don't always match up with reality.  So, I keep a twenty dollar bill under the insole of one of my shoes.  If I get completely lost, I'm hailing a cab.  I've done the math; my running distance is within twenty bucks, including tip.

But here's what happens when I go running through three nations.  I've got twenty dollar bills from the US, New Zealand, and Australia all in there.  I won't remember to swap them around each time I cross a border, so I figure I'd better keep all three for these two months in the southern hemisphere.

True story; funny story.  This is actually a brand new pair of shoes.    I left my old pair on top of a recycling bin in San Francisco.  They've still got some life as normal shoes, even if all the spring has gone out of them for running.  Well, as I was stuffing the stack of twenties into my new pair, I realized I left the twenty in my old pair.

I wonder if the next wearer will ever find it.