Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brownie Hawkeye Photos from Hacked Roll

SupermanI was able to wind some Fujicolor Pro 400H onto my hacked-up 620-that-used-to-be-120 spool for the Brownie Hawkeye.  So I took the camera on an outing last weekend, and snapped a dozen photos.  The lens is kinda wacky on the edges .. but I've seen some other photos by a Brownie, from when the things were contemporary, that have the same effect.  So I'm thinking it wasn't something I did, so much as the way these cameras degrade in the normal run of their lives.  And this one's had quite a bit of life.

Now I've got a roll of XP2 in the Brownie, also on a hacked up spool, so we'll see what comes out.  It's kinda fun to look for shots, when you know that all but the center of the photo is going to have a wacky radial blur.  Interesting constraints, from this device..

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