Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My FitBit Presentation at Quantified Self SD

I gave a quick presentation about the fitbit at the Quantified Self San Diego meeting, this evening.  It was fun, because they'd had a presentation on the fitbit already, so they asked me to make mine a review of my own personal use of it.  A technical presentation would've been easier to build, but ultimately it was really fun to reflect on my particular experience.

The first slide is a quick overview of the cute little device.  I shared my own observations on its durability, chatted about how I use it day-to-day, and talked a little about the fitbit web site.  They've really dialed-in the whole website aspect -- I just don't use it, but that's me.  Surprising to some attendees was that since February 11, 2011 they've had a public API, so there were a few questions about that, which I tried to answer as best I could.  My penultimate slide was on ways I think they could extend the device to improve it.  And my final slide was a couple of ways I'd love to see people hack it -- there's plenty of fun stuff in there to mess with, and it'd be nice if a few more folks would take a shot at it.

I'm embedding the slides below, for your viewing entertainment.  And here's a link to the presentation on iWork.  Fun!

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