Wednesday, February 23, 2011

DJ Patil (LinkedIn) at Strata

Okay, so I just spent my lunch break watching this presentation from DJ Patil of LinkedIn.  It was from the Strata conference, which I thought seriously about attending.  Sending me would have had little value for my company, aside from the fact that we manage similar sizes of data, but I was actually ready to take PTO and fund it myself.

I didn't end up going.  But happily, O'Reilly seems to be putting everything on YouTube.

Fun bit about this presentation, he introduces a new project, LinkedIn Skills.  You can search for any skill and it finds related content on LinkedIn.  What's really interesting to me is that the results show related skills, with a comparison of how each has grown/shrunk compared to your search term.  For instance, if you search for NetApp, you'll see that 3PAR and Compellent are growing even faster.  (Or search for EMC or Hitachi, for the counter example.)  Neat!

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