Saturday, October 23, 2010

Journals I Like

I had the idea to fill some space by describing the various periodicals I receive and actually read. They're kinda odd, but peculiarly interesting to me. Well the draft "placeholder" post has been here for six months and they're not getting written. So let's clear the decks:

  [x] Nature : Already talked about this one in this post.
  [ ] Copeia : Yep, that's a society of Ichthyology and Herpetology.  Buy one, get one!
  [ ] Fantastic Man : Because you never know when someone's suddenly gonna demand "vest or cummerbund?"
  [ ] IEEE Oceanic Engineering : Kewl swimming robots, though lately they're mostly militarized.
  [ ] Game Informer : It's not a job, it's a text adventure!
  [ ] Make : Like the anarchist's cookbook ... except written by responsible adults.

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