Monday, April 5, 2010

The Index Card Trick

Every day you have an index card (Mac OS Stickies note) with the five things you're gonna that day. My lists are things like "load OS on blahblah" or "do draft project plan for froofroo" -- real accomplishments, not just fiddly bits. But I'm really feeling like I'm getting a lot done, with just five each day. So I figured maybe my friends might want to try.

It's especially nice because five things is totally doable. Or you know exactly what got in the way. It's not a big critical path analysis on some monolithic project plan -- just five things. It's really working for me.

Oddly, some folks who have no idea that I do this, seem to understand what I mean when I say "okay, I'm putting that on my index card for tomorrow." Maybe it just sounds official.

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