Monday, February 20, 2012

Film Rescue International

Film Rescue International just finished resurrecting an antique roll of 127 film for me!  It required a developing process that the dinosaurs used before they went extinct.  And I'd totally exposed half of it to indoor sunlight.  They still managed to coax a few shots off the thing.  These people are awesome!

You know, this is one of those awesome things about the modern individual's ability to communicate globally.  Big service bureaus need to do the one-size-fits-most thing, to be financially stable at scale.  But a handful of specialists, when they're the *only* people who can do the job, are able to make a living collecting bunches of small orders from the entire world.

This is very kewl stuff.  I'm curious to see where else the model can be applied to keep "dead" technologies alive.  Throw in some desktop 3D printers, scanned service manuals, a wiki, and now you've got all sorts of possibilities!

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  1. Very kewl stuff indeed :) Where did you find this antique roll? I'm looking forward to seeing the shots they salvaged.

    Speaking of "dead" technologies, I have an old Laser 128k and a bunch of 5.25" floppies I've been meaning to somehow pull the data off of. Call me sentimental. One of these days I'll get around to picking up a null modem cable, USB-Serial adapter, and whatever else I need to get it all transferred. Hopefully the floppies haven't rotted away by then!