Friday, September 2, 2011

Gunnar Computer Glasses - Review

"Do those things work?"  Half the department has now asked me about my new Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear.  "Yeah, they actually seem to," is my reply, "borrow 'em for a day!"  But it seems like people are willing to take my word(s) for it, with a few asking for a real review.

The story starts while I'd been enjoying some really gnarly eye strain.  Like, "I promised myself I wouldn't cry," strain.  You can look out the window and touch-type, part of the time, but it wasn't enough.  I needed to do something before people started to wonder why I got so sad in meetings.

So there I was at a conference in Las Vegas, wandering the vendor village, and Gunnar had a booth.  You've probably done the same calculation ... the idea of reducing eyestrain is great, and the glasses look nice, and you can try them on and stare at a screen for a minute or two ... but you just don't know if they'll do anything after a whole day of use.  Am I right?  And you don't know whether the yellow tint is going to get annoying.  And your cow orkers might laugh at you.  You just don't know, standing there for five minutes.  You need a real scientific experiment.

Well, this being Las Vegas, I decided to take a gamble.  If I played casino games, I'd be out at least a hundred bucks by now, I figured .. and with nothing to show for it, either.

So now it's been a couple weeks, and I suppose there's the possibility that my seasonal allergies just happened to completely disappear when I put these things on, but I think my little bet has actually payed off.

See if you can borrow someone else's pair for a day .. but I think it's reasonable to take a chance and get yourself a set.  If it doesn't work out, you can always sell them to one of the people who inevitably asks you "Do those things work?"

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