Monday, November 1, 2010

My Diagram 17

It has come to my attention that my diagram of career and washed-up dreamerness wasn't entirely legible. So, I took the photo and traced it in OmniGraffle on my iPad. Here's one that's totally readable, at least if you click to zoom in.

Some things I notice:  "user evangelist" and "tech evangelist" are adjacent, and point at each other.  Also, I've specifically made "new tech discoverer" its own bubble -- it's one of my favorite things to do, along with sharing my discoveries.  The "architect" and "data miner" bubbles don't really tickle me the way they did when I first drew this; dunno why.  "Teacher" is at an interesting intersection.

Reading my own mind-maps is kinda like throwing tarot cards.  I just talk bullshit until the customer starts nodding their head.

The blocks in the lower left are prerequisites, of a sort.  My dream job/life/whatnot involves either a "volcano lair," or some sort of intellectual "salon."  Actually, this is probably why hackerspaces appeal to me.  (See also: 'fricken lasers.')

Finally, I'm not sure of the purpose of the "monkey line" in the bottom right, other than to delineate between things that are helpful and unhelpful.  And of course, they're likely to turn out to be just a "pot" that calls the "kettle" black.

Please be careful; the monkeys bite.

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