Monday, October 5, 2009

Semantic MediaWiki

Like so many places, our company wiki has pages describing the owner/admin of various systems and databases and filer mounts and whatnot.  But try to get a list of all the systems that someone admins, and you have to wade through all the (often unrelated and unmaintained) pages that a MediaWiki search returns.  And that's just one f'r'instance.

So I'm more than a little interested in Semantic MediaWiki extensions.  Skeptical, but interested.  And skeptical.  But interested.

The dream I'm shooting for is a wiki markup language that lets me do simple key-value lookups (and write updates, in version 2) on a federated data source.  For instance, why do I have to keep updating the "volume sizes" column on a page about storage, when an SNMP oid can tell me what the size is right this second?

If the computer is so darned smart, why can't it tell me who currently admins a particular system?  It's right there in puppet!  You go look it up -- I'll show you how.

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